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Horror Society Gives “Stranger Happenings” Awesome Comparison

American Wasteland Entertainment has received high praise and comparisons for their awesome web series, Strange Happenings.  The horror entertainment based website, Horror Society, referred to Strange Happenings as  “Buffy The Vampire Slayer meets Kolchak: The

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Web Series: Strange Happenings ~ Full Season

Our friends at American Wasteland Entertainment  have released their eagerly anticipated Supernatural web series, Strange Happenings.  Having viewed the series in an early watching and reviewed it (see review here), I excited

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Web Series: Stage Fright (Complete Series)

THE BELOW VIDEOS HAVE GRAPHIC BLOOD AND VIOLENCE.  VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. Our friends at American Wasteland Entertainment have big announcement for the supernatural thriller, Strange Happenings.  But Strange Happenings is not

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Interview with Brittney Greer of American Wasteland Entertainment

Brittney Greer is the Co-Owner of American Wasteland Entertainment.  American Wasteland Entertainment is an independent film company that specializes in online entertainment and film.  They are best known for their

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Help Fund the Local Web Series: Strange Happenings

Our friends at American Wasteland Entertainment, of the award winnger Drifter Series fame,  need our assistance to raise some funds for their new web series, Strange Happenings.  Check out the Go Fund Me crowd funding drive here. You

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