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Mandy Collins

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Hello, fellow Geeky Kool friends! My name is Mandy, and I’m a huge fan of GeekyKool.com! I’ve been geek-of-all-genres (expert-of-none) most of my life, but my biggest passion is reading and writing. Like most creatives, I have a manuscript on the back burner I hope to someday finish and publish.  

I earned my Professional & Technical Writing degree in 2021. Unlike creative writing, professional writing focuses on technical documents like grant writing, brochures, memos, instruction manuals, etc. I’m also trained in HTML, CSS, proofreading and editing, and I’m working as a freelance editor and proofreader for self-published authors.

My contribution to Geeky Kool will be primarily focused on family-friendly content. My husband and I have two kids, so most of our entertainment is family friendly. I’m looking forward to bringing content to this hub of great Geeky information for people of a genres!

Stay Geeky! 

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