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Kickstarter- Robin: The Web Series

Image via Kickstarter
Image via Kickstarter

Here is a new Kickstarter fund for a KOOL new webseries, Robin: The Web Series.  Robin: The Web Series is a fan fiction series about the Bat Family.  It focuses on Tim Drake and his journey to become Robin.  Gotham City is a harsh place.

Robin: The Web Series is a fan-made Batfamily series that focuses on the struggles of becoming a hero in Gotham, a city lacking in hope and overflowing with crime. Tim Drake, a teenage boy on a mission, has just become the bird beside the Bat, and is quickly learning that being a hero isn’t as easy as Batman makes it look. In addition to the struggles of finding his place within the BatFamily, Tim must also deal with the stresses of school and a complicated romance with Stephanie Brown, the girl with a dark secret all her own. With the Rogues of Gotham seemingly working together to destroy the city can the BatFamily find a way to work together and save the city? Is Gotham doomed to a dark future? Or is it possible that hope is the strongest superpower of all?

Robin: The Web Series is being created for fans by fans. Whether this is your first introduction into the Batfamily or you’ve been a die-hard Dark Knight fan since birth there is something for everyone in this show. And because it’s non-profit every cent we raise will go straight to the production, so that we can ensure you, our backers, get the World’s Finest web series.  (Via Kickstarter)

This series brings in several great characters from the Batman universe.  The cast is extensive.  David J. Fielding, aka Zordon from The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, will be the Cluemaster, genius villain.  It stars Nick Gray as Tim Drake/Robin.  Al Sheil is Bruce Wayne/Batman.  Sean Johnson portrays Dick Grayson/Nightwing.  Claire White Molof is Barbara Gordon/Oracle.  Mika Nicole portrays Stephanie Brown.  Jeffrey Lord will bring in the extended DC Universe with Bart Allen/Impulse. 

Check out the KOOL trailer for this series below.

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