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Larry Litle

I have been a geek as long as I can remember. I have been into comics, sci fi, and fantasy stories since I was a kid. I am still as big of a geek as ever.

I am a second generation comic book geek. My father read comics regularly. He had a monthly subscription that came in the mail when  I was a kid. He collected the Justice League and Legion of Super Heroes. He was and still is a big DC Comics guy.

I always enjoyed the comics he read but I am more of a Marvel guy.   Spider-Man/Peter Parker is my all time favorite character. Peter is a relatable character who you can cheer for. He is the every man and not some rich guy who can buy anything he wants.

I have a passion for Science Fiction movies, television, and books.  Star Wars revolutionized my childhood and my imagination. I started watching Star Trek in re-runs and loved it. Alien/Aliens was a great intro to the horror side of science fiction. I love great sci fi and most of the hokey and lame sci fi.

I love to write about geeky things. Writing is a passion of mine. I have written numerous poems and stories.  I have written numerous articles politics and sports (including fantasy sports) in the past.  Mostly, I love writing about the geeky stuff that I find KOOL. I have a novel under the way in fact first two chapters are on GeekyKOOL.

I dig kool technology.  I have worked in the technology field. I love the latest tech gadgets with phones and tablets.

In high school, I was a geek but fairly cool anyway. I considered myself a Kool Geek.

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