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Web Series: Strange Happenings ~ Full Season

Web Series: Strange Happenings ~ Full Season

Our friends at American Wasteland Entertainment  have released their eagerly anticipated Supernatural web series, Strange Happenings.  Having viewed the series in an early watching and reviewed it (see review here), I excited for others to check it out . I loved this series and I think you will too.  Geeky KOOL is posting all five episodes for your viewing convenience.  If you enjoy this series, and I think you will, then comment and like this series on the Strange Happenings Youtube channel.  It is “Pretty Epic!”

This series is a supernatural horror thriller series.  It isn’t appropriate for all ages.  Viewer Discretion is Advised.

After being fired from a tabloid, Nicole’s wish comes true as she receives funding from a mysterious financier for her online magazine, Strange Happenings. After meeting the new boss’ mysterious messenger, she knows something more is afoot.

Nicole is asked to investigate a man named Mr. Wickles for a story. Upon arriving at his house, she knows there’s more going on.  Episode two does guest star David J. Fielding (aka Zordon from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) as Mr. Wickles

Nicole is asked to move on from the Wickles story and focus on Immanuel Marcus, the last in a line of warlocks.

Nicole’s brother drops by unexpectedly as she works to finish a story and find out more about Corman.

Nicole discovers there is more afoot when she is interrogated for a murder she didn’t commit.

That is a wrap on Season 1.  If you were upset that it is already over, then join the club.  Always leave them wanting more. I know I wanted much more. Can’t wait for season 2. 

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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