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Mr Wilson’s Review: TOP GUN: MAVERICK

Mr Wilson’s Review: TOP GUN: MAVERICK

My Buddy, Mr J. Christopher Wilson is reviewing some movies and series.  He has agreed for us to post his reviews here.

TOP GUN: MAVERICK is as good as the internet says. Bringing back so many of the great characters and infusing the old days with the new guard was a stroke of genius.

With plenty of guilt about Goose’s death to go around, and his son also becoming a naval fighter pilot, the story isn’t just a rehash of the old plot and it’s not shallow. MAVERICK is it’s own beast, standing up on its own, but with oodles of nostalgia to go around.

Maverick comes back as a Top Gun instructor to train the best of the best for a secret and extremely risky mission. With his former partner’s son as one of the pilots, and plenty of ego and testosterone to fuel a tanker truck, personalities clash hard. There’s no time if they are to learn how to fly the impossible mission.

I was in seventh grade when TOP GUN came out and every teen boy wanted to be a navy pilot. Who could top that 80s classic? MAVERICK flew to new heights and topped its predecessor, a feet not easy to accomplish.

Grade A
Available for purchase on Amazon Prime
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