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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Returns to Supernatural for Episode 300

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Returns to Supernatural for Episode 300

Fourteen years ago, Supernatural premiered on the CW.  Sam and Dean went on a trip looking for their monster fighting father.  At the end of the first season, they finally caught up with their Dad, John Winchester.  John was played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.  His character sacrificed himself for the boys during the season two finale.

Lots have happened and changed for the boys since their father died.  Both of the boys have died and come back to life.  Their best friend is an angel.  Their long dead mother is back to life.  Now, their long dead father will make an appearance.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan returns to Supernatural as John Winchester.  Morgan has a lot of acting credits under his belt since Supernatural.  His biggest role has been as Negan on The Walking Dead.  He returns for the 3000th episode on Thursday, February 7th at 8 pm ET.

(Via Comicbook.com)

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