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James Gunn to Direct Suicide Squad Movie

James Gunn to Direct Suicide Squad Movie

The DCEU is in serious negotiations with James Gunn to direct a Suicide Squad movie.  It is all but a done deal.  This will return James Gunn to the director chair since he was let go from Disney.   

Last July, Gunn was suddenly released from Disney.  Old tweet resurfaced and came back to bite Gunn.  These tweets were about rape and pedophilia.  Gunn apologized for his tweets stating they were not meant as face value and that he said stupid things in his youth.  This firing split the fans because of the intensity of tweets.  You can see our coverage here.  

Gunn has been writing the script for the new Suicide Squad movie.  Now it appears he will take over the director’s chair.  This is not unexpected by fans.  The release date for the new Suicide Squad movie is set for an August 2021. 

The Suicide Squad has been around in the comics since 1959 but really came into their own in 1987.  The squad has changed with different villains over the years.  It will be interesting to see what characters Gunn brings into Squad for this second movie.  It has been said that this film will have a Guardians feel to the movie. 

This film is not being pitched as a sequel to the first movie.  It is unconfirmed if it will be re-boot or just another Suicide Squad. 

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