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Date Set for Batman Movie without Ben Affleck

Date Set for Batman Movie without Ben Affleck

The new Batman movie (yet to be named) is set to open on June  25, 2021.  Matt Reeves will direct this film.  This movie will have a new actor picking up the cowl and cape.  

Warner Bros and Ben Affleck have parted ways with the role of Batman/ Bruce Wayne.  Batfleck is no more.  Ben last wore the cape and cowl for Justice League

There has been speculation for over a year that Ben Affleck was ready to step down as Batman.  Other rumors stated Warner Bros were actively searching for a new Batman and Superman.   Rumors are not always correct when it comes to movie news but there seemed to be something real about the Affleck/ Batman rumors. 

Reeves told Deadline his vision for the new Batman movie.  “It’s very much a point of view-driven, noir Batman tale,” (Deadline )  This movie will be a detective story.  In DC comics, Batman is the “Worlds Greatest Detective”.  

A noir detective story is a KOOL way to go with Batman.  The comics have portrayed him in this manner over the years.  He will use his detective skills to be capture bad guys and follow the clues.  The closest thing to this in the movies was the 1989 Batman movie but it sounds much more in this movie.

Ben Affleck tweeted out that he is excited for Matt Reeves vision for Batman.  Classy move Ben Affleck.  

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