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Ford’s Micro Wind Turbines

Image via cleantechnica.com
Image via cleantechnica.com

Ford is looking at how to use more green technologies. They have four of their dealerships that will receive micro wind turbines. They will have the Ford Logo on the Wind Turbines. They will use them to market Ford and to create energy.

“The vertical wind sail micro wind turbine is part of a proprietary integrated system that includes a 5.5 kilowatt wind energy generator and a 7.0 kilowatt solar panel array (available as rooftop or ground mounted), all coordinated with smart electrical and control systems. Wind Energy calls it, what else, The Windy System™.”

This is really a cool idea. I think it is great when businesses decide to advance technology on their terms.  It is positive press, a way to save money, and to a way to make the world a little more green.

(Via Clean Technica)

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