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ESA Proposes a Moon Base Village

Image via BBC

Johann-Dietrich Woerner just recently took over as the Director General of the European Space Agency.  But in his short time on his new job as the top of the ESA, he is bringing innovative ideas on how to further our exploration and understanding of the Universe.  One of his notions is to place a base and a whole village on the far side of the moon.

The far side of the moon would allow a high powered telescope to search the galaxy further.  It would grant for experiments in the low gravity of the moon. They could test the 3-D printing technology in outerspace.  It can be used as a stepping stone to further space exploration.  The village would involved people and agencies from numerous different nations.

“This Moon village should mean partners from all over the world contributing to this community with robotic and astronaut missions and support communication satellites.” stated Woerner.  (BBC)

I have stated my complaint about the lack of a moon base on this site for years.  As a kid in the mid 70s, I was told about the moon base of the new future. I swore I would one day live on the moon base.  The whole idea was scrapped by NASA.  I have been pouting about it ever since.  Now that the ESA is looking at it, I only have one thing to say  “SIGN ME UP!”  I have already informed my family that I am planning on living on the moon and they can join me if they desire.

(Via BBC)

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