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Dungeons and Dragons Series in Development

Dungeons and Dragons Series in Development

According to The Hollywood Reporter,  Paramount and eOne (Hasbro’s Film Studio) are not only in the midst of casting the Dungeons and Dragons feature film starring Chris Pine but they are also developing a streaming series.  This is still in development so there are not many details about it or where it might land.

Derek Kolstad has been tapped to develop and write a pitch for an ongoing series.  Kolstad is the creator behind the John Wick franchise. Kolstad is writing some of the episodes for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier for Disney+ MCUHe is the co-created the Quibi series Die Hart.

Dungeons and Dragons is a roleplaying game first created in the mid 1970s.  D&D (as it is best know) is a role playing game where you use your imagination and dice rolling to have a group story and adventure.  It was extremely popular in the 1980s (when I first played).  It has been making a come back over the last decade.  The popularity of streaming the game play has added to the popularity.  With the Coronapocalypse still going on, the popularity of playing it virtually has hit a fever pitch in 2020 and looks to continue the trend.  Here at Geeky KOOL, we are working on creating our own streaming game of D&D.

The Fantasy genre is a hot commodity for streaming series.  The popularity of the Lord of the Ring movies and Game of Thrones has caused streaming series to grab up properties.  We know the big hit the Witcher has been for Netflix. Amazon will be premiering a  Lord of the Rings series and The Wheel of Time (Robert Jordan book series) soon. The House of the Dragon is a prequel Game of Thrones series that will be HBO.  This time is now for a D&D live action series to be pitched.

(Via THR)

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