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Documentary On Sasquatch in Missouri

Documentary On Sasquatch in Missouri

Youtube is filled with Bigfoot and Sasquatch shows.  There is one series that I have watched many of the episodes.  Sasquatch Theory is a Youtube series where the host had an experience and now interviews others from around the country that have had similar experiences.  It is a documentary based interview. He is based out of Missouri.

Sasquatch Theory has now grabbed the attention of Springfield, MO news.  The news site Ozarks First , associated KOLR 10 News, has picked up the story of the recent documentaries.  Over the last month, two documentaries from Sasquatch Theory posted about Bigfoot in Mark Twain National Forest.

Most of the time, any discussion of Sasquatch and Bigfoot leads to people looking at you like you are crazy.  The fact that these documentaries are getting noticed by the press is a huge thing.

Below are both documentaries.


(Via Ozarks First)

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