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Disney in Talks to Buy Most of 21st Century Fox

Disney and Fox are in discussions for Disney to buy much of 21st Century Fox.  They would pull in another large movie studio into their Disney family and name.  The would add other entertainment networks like FX and National Geographic.

If this procurement goes through, Disney cannot purchase all of Fox.  Disney isn’t allowed to own two broadcast networks so they couldn’t purchase the Fox broadcast network. Since Disney owns ESPN, it might cause antitrust issues if they bought Fox Sports.

It is believed that Fox is looking to narrow their focus. They want to stick to their Network, News channels, and sports.  They would keep their local television affiliates. This new vision with Fox will feed right into Disney vision to expand.

There are several advantages for Disney to purchase these majority pieces of  21st Century Fox.  Disney has announced their own streaming service where viewers will pay a monthly fee for access to Disney movies and television series.  With this deal, they will have full rights to all of the Fox television series and movies.  These could be included in their streaming service and make the deal even sweeter for viewers.

Some Marvel fans are excited about this potential acquisition for Disney. With the purchase of rights to Fox movies and television, the X-Men and Fantastic Four could come home to Disney and Marvel Studios. The dream of a movie crossing over the Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man could be within grasp if this happens.

This news is colossal (pun intended) .  Many Marvel movie fans are salivating at this prospect. But the bottom line of this deal will be that both Fox and Disney would get what they really want.

(Via CNBC)



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