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Bendis leaves Marvel for DC?  What the What?

Bendis leaves Marvel for DC? What the What?

Quite a coup DC Comics has pulled off today!

Brian Michael Bendis has been one of the mainstays of the Marvel Comic Universe over the past few decades.  He penned the Civil War mini-series that saw the death of Captain America and the unmasking of Spider-man.  He also wrote the follow-up Civil War 2.

He created Jessica Jones and created a new origin for Peter Parker in Ultimate Spider-man.

He has been a writer for Avengers and New Avengers and took a penned the events of House of MSecret Invasion, and Siege.

He is now exclusively at DC Comics!

I’m not sure how I feel about this because I always give Larry trouble about how you can count on a Marvel event to be great for 5 and a half issues, but somewhere around the middle of the 6th the story starts to fall apart and by the 7th issue we are left shaking our heads.

I jest about that (mostly!?!?) because DC has had their share of “smelly events”.  Don’t get either Larry or me started about Final Crisis and when I left comics the first time around Invasion was finishing and Zero Hour was kicking off.

The announcement was made by DC and Bendis on Twitter, Facebook, and all the popular comic sites.

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