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Axanar releases first teaser trailer after October weekend shoot, 1500 people view live release on YouTube.com

Axanar releases first teaser trailer after October weekend shoot, 1500 people view live release on YouTube.com

Tonight Axanar Producer Alec Peters held a special LiveStream on Axanar’s YouTube to release the first teaser for Axanar:The Gathering Storm.  To say people were waiting on this is a huge understatement, as more than 1500 people joined the livestream, and left more than 930 “thumbs up” votes for the hour long episode.  It was so full of people that you could not keep up with the live chat at some points of the show.  This first teaser was put together by Bing Bailey, who also worked on Prelude to Axanar.  So without any further ado…..


If that trailer, gets your juices flowing and you want to donate to Axanar, due to the settlement between Axanar and CBS/Paramount all fundraising must be private(no kickstarter or indigogo allowed), So Axanar Productions has revamped their original “perk fullfilment” website, and created Ares Digital 3.0. if you have previously donated, or have never donated, you can donate at the following address:


If you don’t want to donate to the film itself, You can donate to the studio that houses the Ares Bridge set.

Ares Bridge Set

Ares Studios is being used as both set storage, and as a working studio,  where fan films can be produced. it has also been used free of charge by students in the Gwinnett County School  Systems and other students to film their projects free of charge.  Yes the studio has bills to pay, however allowing the students to use it free of charge allows the sets to be used, when no films are scheduled to shoot, and it is a great outreach between the studio and the community.  Since the studio is a completely separate business it is not restricted by the settlement between Axanar Productions and CBS.  The studio has a Patreon campaign, that currently has more than 230 backers, who help defray the cost of the studio rent and bills by around 2/3rds.  you can join and donate at the following address:


Each donation level has its own Perks, so go ahead and check them out.

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