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Interview with Ashley Grant- Author of “Lament of Midnight”

Interview with Ashley Grant- Author of “Lament of Midnight”

As you read the headline, you might be thinking to yourself, I know that name but you are not sure from where.  Ashley Grant is one of our awesome Geeky KOOL writers on staff. Her and her boyfriend, Jon, are our East Coast writers.

I have known Ashley for several years.  I know she is a unique and creative soul.  She is a great friend along with being a talented writer.  She has a new book just out, Lament of Midnight.  Check it out as I interview one of our own about her work.

Geeky KOOL) Ashley, tell our readers about the new book, Lament of Midnight, that you have just released.

Ashely Grant)  Its a collection of poetry and short stories, with dark and fantasy themes. Perfect for Halloween or any dark fall evening.

GK) How does your new book differ from your previous published book?

AG) My new book differs greatly from the first one, because this book is entirely mine. So the style of writing is the same as my work in “Exaltation of Shadows Volume 2”, but it’s not as sectioned off and I had a greater amount of freedom in writing topics.  I also wasn’t working on a time rush with this book so I could cover broader themes. 

GK) For many of us that know you or have read your articles on Geeky KOOL, the spooky scary poetry and stories fits well with your personality. For those that don’t know you, how would you describe yourself as a person and as a writer

AG) Ive been influenced by multiple styles of classic and modern horror, from Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe, Wes Craven, and Bram Stoker. I’ve always loved horror because it’s so flexible, there are no set rules and that has been a huge influence on what I write. In person I’m not as dark as my work would make people thing. People are surprised by how funny I can be when they first meet me.

GK) You are definitely funny.  You have a “wicked” sense of humor.  You are very caring and a great friend. 

A lot of writers spend tons of time writing without ever going through the process of getting their work published. What inspired you to take the next step?

AG) I was on a gothic website called Vampirefreaks, and my publisher was asking people if they could submit poetry for his upcoming book Exaltation of Shadows Volume 2. I sent two of my poems and got an immediate response. Since then, I have been able to secure a wonderful friend with my publisher and was able to get two books out in one year

GK) It sounds like getting to know people in the area of your writing and in the publishing business was the connections you needed for this to happen.

AG) Don’t overlook the indie groups. If you can break into the publishing world through the large companies that’s great; but the indie companies can usually offer a better deal and more freedom. I got lucky, and don’t deny that. It’s a hard career route but it’s worthwhile.

GK) What drives you as a writer?

AG) Getting rid of past and current issues in my life through writing is my current drive. But, just like Jo March I was always writing and was always an A student in English. I never expected to have my own work in the world, but even without being published I was still writing poetry and novels.


 GK) As a fellow writer and poet, I completely understand. Writers are just who we are. 

You also have other creative outlets.  Tell our readers about some of the other creative things you do.

AG) I sketch a lot, in fact I drew the image on the cover of Lament of Midnight. I’m happy to say my artwork has progressed over the years but I’ll probably never be Da Vinci.  I also dabble in video editing, just combining all of the hobbies that kept me sane as a teenager.

GK) As you mentioned, this is a good book for some spooky reading especially around the Halloween season.  Where can our readers pick up a copy of your book? If they are also interested, where can they pick up a copy of Exaltation of Shadows Volume 2?

AG) Both books are available on Drivethrufiction.com.   (Here is the links to Lament of Midnight and An Exaltation of Shadows Volume 2)  “An Exaltation of Shadows Volume 2” is available for paperback, there is also a paperback and digital bundle, for my new book Lament of Midnight the paperback version should be available in a few weeks.

 AG) One more thing, I would like to thank Dark Gatekeeper Gaming for helping me get this far.

GK) Thank you Ashley for your time and being an awesome interview.


Make sure to check out Ashley’s books.  It is the season for some spooky fun.


Stay Spooky and Geeky!

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