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Blizzard Suspends Chung Ng Wai After “Liberate Hong Kong”

Blizzard Suspends Chung Ng Wai After “Liberate Hong Kong”

According to Reason, 21-year-old Chung Ng Wai aka Blitzchung recently won a Hearthstone tournament, a popular online card game and e-sport. He was being interviewed after the match.  Chung, a Hong Kong native, made the statement of  “Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our time.”  The interview was stopped in midstream by Blizzard. This also resulted in Chung being suspended and denied his $10,000.00 prize money by Blizzard.

Blizzard stated that Chung was damaging Blizzard’s image.  They justified the suspension and loss of prize money by the agreement for the game.  Blizzard also fired the two employees who were responsible for the interview.

Blizzard’s headquarters is in Irvine, California.  There is a statue with a plaque that reads “Every voice matters” outside of the headquarters.  It is disturbing that an American company would silence the voice of an individual trying to support freedom on Hong Kong.

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