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Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? She Is On Netflix

Back in the 80s, Carmen Sandiego was a popular computer video game.  It was educational and tons of fun.  You had to use clues to find out what city the super thief Carmen Sandiego was in.  If you got the clues right, you captured the evasive Sandiego.

In the early 90s, Carmen was made into a cartoon.  It brought an educational tint to the adventure cartoon.

Now Carmen Sandiego will return in a new animated series. She will be found on Netflix coming in 2019.  The mystery will not only be where this super thief is but also who she is. There will be 20 episodes in a season. Each episode will last 22 minutes long.

Gina Rodriguez of Jane The Virgin will voice Carmen Sandiego.  Finn Wolfhard of Stranger Things will voice The Player. 

(Via I09)


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