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The Walking Dead Comic Ends w/ #193~ Tomorrow’s Issue

The Walking Dead Comic Ends w/ #193~ Tomorrow’s Issue

In surprising news, Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead Comic book for Image comics will come to an end tomorrow with issue #193.  This post apocalyptic zombie comic was an unexpected hit.  Many assumed the comic would not make it 12 issues when it came out but it will make it 193 issues, sixteen years,  and spurred on two television series about on the comics.

The comics had just killed the main character, Rick, in the last issue. Fans were expecting this popular comic series to continue for a long time.  Image had even promoted issues 194 and 195 in solicitation magazines in what seems to be a fake out.

This comic will be 70 plus pages in content. It will have a letters page with a letter from Kirkman himself.   Unlike most jumbo sized issues of comics, it will remain priced at $3.99, which is amazing.

If you haven’t already ordered your copy of this comic in advance, you might have a hard time getting a copy.  Comic stores were told it would be a special issue but it is unlikely there will be a lot of extra issues.  If you want a copy, I would start calling comic stores and seeing if they will have extra copies.  I show up before they open their doors because these issues will fly off the shelf.

The television series have not stayed right with the comics.  Rick died last year on The Walking Dead show and it had gone on.  Fear the Walking Dead is just set in the same universe.  There are plenty of stories from the comics they can tell or they could tell their own stories well past what is in the comics.

Yesterday, Robert Kirkman tried to warn fans that they may get spoiler news on his Twitter page.  He knew the leak was coming even though they tried to keep this a secret.

(Via Forbes)

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