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“The Hunter and The Bringer” Audiobook KICKSTARTER IS A SUCCESS Review! =)

“The Hunter and The Bringer” Audiobook KICKSTARTER IS A SUCCESS Review! =)

Friends, I CANNOT get over how wonderful our Kickstarter turned out!  In my mind, it was a smashing success and our AUDIOBOOK IS GOING TO BE MADE!  We already are working on the contract and timing now!  *HAPPY DANCE*
Seeing this percentage for my FIRST KICKSTARTER, I often heard on videos that only 26% of first-time campaigns do not make it,  fills me with glee.
All of those who believed in me pledged/donated, shared my zillions of posts (sorry about that, ha…), gave me boosts when I was stressed, told others about it, and sent congratulations.  All of you are my rocks, my inspiration, my light, my gentle push when I was down, and my genies for you made my wishes come true! ^_^
AND WE MADE ALL OUR STRETCH GOALS!   That flabbergasted me! HA! 
I also OWE all my BACKERS a BIG, EXTRA GOAL if you DONATED at all, no matter if it was a $1 or $600 (and yes; I somehow was lucky and loved enough to have a $600 donation! *cries from joy*)
All updates on when things will be shipped, revealing final items and stretch goals (like “The Harmony Protectors” large emblem sticker,) contract and audiobook progress, and more on the Kickstarter Updates page (I made it public) OR I will do large updates on my website, GeekyKool, social medias, and email list.  ^_^ 
Once the funds get to me and are cleared with the back in a few weeks, I will meet with Lexi and Logan, and figure out when they can record (we have two possible release dates set already.)
By Early May, I will send the digital awards that are available if you ordered them:
  • Thank you email,
  • Thank you personal video,
  • Chapter 1 Audio Clip,
  • “The Hunter and The Bringer” ebook,
  • “Monsters and Mortals” ebook,
By July, I plan to ship out all the physical gifts in one package to save on shipping:
  • Emblem Stickers,
  • Exclusive Alternate Cover Print Post,
  • Sketch Fan Book Prints of Val and Jeremey,
  • Val and Jeremey Perler Sets,
  • Exclusive Val “Key to my Heart” Necklace,

At the end of August, those who get the preorder ebook of “Before and After” should be shipped.  THE INTERVIEW will be ANNOUNCED when we are ready for it if you ordered that. 
The two people who wanted to become a book character, I will be emailing you soon to discuss this legendary feature.
Lastly, the audiobook will be the final thing. Those who ordered it on Kickstarter will get it a WEEK early before everyone else.  Maybe to convince others to get it and to praise Logan and Lexi of course.  ^_- 
Thank you all! ^-^ Let us dance, smile, and cheer for all the dreams we can achieve! Excellent job! I will not let you down, loves. <3
Always so grateful to all of you! 😀

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