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The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy- by Sam Maggs (Book review)

Set to publish- May 12th, 2015


This book is devoted to helping you become the most awesome and squee worthy fangirl ever. It is full of fab tips and quote worthy guidance that will help even the most shy lady nerd navigate the wide world of geek. Within its chapters you will find lingo, fashion, fandoms, conventions, cosplay, interviews, and so much more. This is a fun book for teen to adult fangirls in your life.

Cover appeal:

I love that the cover has an adorable “every girl.” She is not super sexy and has cute curves! Points for a healthy body image and no boob windows!

The good stuff:

This book has so much quote worthy text. It’s funny, serious, and full of girl power. I loved the interviews with women from all walks of life. It was great to hear their interpretation of what being a Fangirl means to them. The real-talk section was helpful even for a YA librarian who thinks she’s up on the latest teen speak. I learned a few new terms that I have heard my patrons tossing around at our Fandoms parties. The section on Female characters that everyone should know was also helpful. I have some reading to do! Finally, I loved the resource page. So unbelievably helpful!

The stuff that might not jive with all audiences:

This book is heavy on the feminism. Which is great in itself, but might not work for younger tweens. Also, there are some sections that deal with subjects that younger fans might not be ready for just yet. Parents, give this one a skim first if you have a young geek girl!

Who should read this:
I would recommend this for older teens and adults without hesitation. Younger fans might want to wait a few years! If you are a geek girl that is out and proud or one that is quietly contemplating your big reveal grab this book and get reading!


* A huge thank you to Quirk books for the review copy!! 22926684

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