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The Child’s Name is Grogu

The Child’s Name is Grogu

The Child as been fondly called “Baby Yoda” by many fans of The Mandalorian.  In the series, he has been referred as “The Child” or “The Package”.  This series takes place post Return of the Jedi where a 900 year old Yoda passes away.   The Child couldn’t be Yoda as a baby but rather a member of the same race.

If you haven’t seen this week’s episode of The Mandalorian, this will be a spoiler. Mando was able to find Asoka Tano in hopes to give The Child back to one of his kind, the Jedi.  Asoka was able to communicate with the Child.  In this process we learn that The Child has a name.  His name is Grogu.

In this process we learn that Grogu has a deep emotional connection to Mando.  We also learn that Grogu was at the temple when Anikan slaughter the younglings but somehow Grogu was hidden.  All of this lead to Asoka not being willing to take Grogu and train him.  We also learn that Asoka is looking for Grand Moff Tarkin, which is sure to come back around this season.

I am excited to finally know the name of the Child. Maybe people will stop referring to him as Baby Yoda now but I doubt it.

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