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Dave Prowse Passes Away

Dave Prowse Passes Away

Dave Prowse passed away at age 85.  Prowse was a Bristolian bodybuilder turned actor.  The 6’6″ actor was cast in the role of many monsters in monster movies. He was the Green Cross Code Man, promoting road safety in the UK.  His most famous role was the body of Darth Vader.  James Earl Jones was the voice and Dave Prowse was the body and physical actor.

When Vader walked on the screen, his body language spoke volumes before the amazing voice of James Earl Jones spoke.  Prowse was hand gestures with choking subrogates was incredible.  Vader was feared because of the presence of Dave Prowse.

Fans and fellow Star Wars cast members remember and morn Prowse’s passing.

Rest In Peace Dave Prowse. We miss you already.

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