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Starfire Outfit for Titans Season 3

Starfire Outfit for Titans Season 3

One of my favorite comics in the 80s was the New Teen Titans by Marv Wolfman and  George Pérez.  There run was amazing on this book.  It rivaled my love for the 80s Uncanny X-Men.

The Titans television series (DC Unlimited and now HBO Max) has adapted many of the stories and plot points right from Wolfman/Pérez run.  I love this about the series.

Kory aka Starfire was an awesome character that they introduced in this comic series.  One of the things that have bothered about the series is the look of Starfire.  Princess Koriand’r had a very specific look and feel.

Now we have new images of Starfire for Season 3. Wow these look amazing.  It isn’t perfect but I love what they have done to Starfire.  I am excited to see this with Season 3.

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