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Star Wars Episode VII Iceland Rumors


The Star Wars Episode VII rumors continue to swirl around the internet.  The latest rumor appears to have some validity and sources.  The rumor states that filming of Episode VII will take them to Iceland.  (Metro)

The assumption of these rumors is a return to the ice planet of Hoth during Episode VII.  If these rumors are true, then we go back to Hoth.  After all, the KOOLest science fiction battle of all time did take place on Hoth.  As a fan, it would be fantastic to see another great battle on Hoth. But it is possible that the film might have nothing to do with Hoth or a battle.

These are just rumors at this point.  There may be no truth to them at all.  But I have to admit, this would be KOOL and would launch my excitement to a new level.

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