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Space X Shoots Reused Rocket in Space, Lands Successfully

Image via SpaceX Flickr

Last week, Space X made history by reusing a  pre-flown rocket booster for their Falcon 9 rocket.  This was huge break through for Space X, AKA Space Exploration Technologies Corporation.  This corporation is examining and successfully finding methods to bring the cost of travel to space cheaper.

Reusing rocket boosters and rockets make the price become much more affordable.  The orbit-class booster is the most expensive part to the rocket.  A Falcon 9 Rocket cost over 61 Million to build.

The Falcon 9 rocket deployed a telecommunications satellite into orbit.  After successfully delivering the satellite, it returned to earth and successfully landed on a drone platform floating in the Atlantic Ocean.  The main rocket is also reusable.

Making the rocket fully reusable will not only cut the cost but will open the door for interplanetary missions.  The rockets and boosters have to be used again and again to make colonization a reality.
(Via Science Alert)

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