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so many things, so little time

so many things, so little time

I have not posted anything on this site for months. Part of this was a bit of apathy, part of it was a new work schedule, but mostly I had an old slow laptop, that was a pawn shop hand me down.  While it was good for what it was, it wasn’t up to snuff when it came to doing things online. It was so old that at least once a night, i would have to fiddle with my wifi program, because it would lose the network.  Well that all changed last week as both myself and fellow contributor Ashley Grant got brand new laptops( or shall I say, I bought them). I got her a Dell Inspiron 2 in 1 laptop/tablet, which she needed for her writing. Myself, I went for a Asus Gaming laptop, as I really missed playing military strategy game such as Harpoon.  Now I am waiting on all my files to move from the old laptop to the new one( been going on 2 days for that, as we have other things sharing the home wifi.  The old laptops are already spoken for as they will be going to AJ and Shpoo, who need “new ones”.

Of course working “the dreaded night shift” doesn’t leave me much time to do any contributing on here, and that wont change until after the new year since my current schedule runs till January.  On top of all that, I am self quarantining while waiting on Covid-19 test results.  So I can’t work, and also can’t go anywhere LOL.

2020 can royally go suck a big fat dodo egg, and NO I did not have get my brain swabbed on my bingo card.  The only positive to a Covid test, is if your sinuses need to be cleared out, it WILL do that for you. I had a bunch of things to write about, such as a review of the Marvel movie “The New Mutants”, but that will wait a few more days.


Just know “I’m alive and so are you”(Scrooged flashback)





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