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Rumor: Kathleen Kennedy Out as Head of Lucasfilm after Indy 5

Rumor: Kathleen Kennedy Out as Head of Lucasfilm after Indy 5

Star Wars fans as a whole have not agreed on a lot about their fandom recently.  But one of the things that most fans do agree on is that the head of Lucasflims, Kathleen Kennedy, seems to be a big part of the problem with this fandom.  Kennedy took over control of Lucasfilms from George Lucas when Lucas sold the rights to Disney.  According to Geekosity, Kennedy is out after Indiana Jones 5 is made.

Kennedy lead the charge for the Disney sequel movies.  These films are met with various levels of acceptance and disdain from fans. It has been reported that Kennedy didn’t like Luke Skywalker and that is part of the reason Luke is very different in the sequel series than the original trilogy.  Some have accused Kennedy of bringing “wokeness” into this series where it wasn’t needed.

There has been notable disagreements between Kennedy and  Jon Favreau on the Disney+ series.  Favreau seems to be more Star Wars traditional in the way he has lead the Disney+ series than Kennedy.

Who will replace Kennedy as head of Lucasfilms?  There are plenty of rumors.  A return of George Lucas is a huge rumor.  I would bet on Jon Favreau to take over both the series and films.

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