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5 Seasons planned for X-Men 97

5 Seasons planned for X-Men 97

The animated X-Men 97 has been a huge streaming hit for Disney+.   It continues the story from the original X-Men Animated Series from the 90s.   Fans have appreciated the attention to characters and bringing in storylines from the comics.

The 10th and final episode for Season 1 will drop next week.  The second season has been green lit for a long time and is almost finished with animating.  News of a third season being green-lit has been announced.

Beau DeMayo is the Executive Producer/Creator/Head Writer “X-MEN 97” .  He was asked a question about future seasons on X (formerly Twitter).  He stated on X that the original plan is for 5 seasons for the X-Men 97 series.  That will be ten seasons between the original animated series fo the 90s and the new X-Men 97 series.

Check out the tweet below (do we still call a post on X a tweet?).


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