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Record Pathfinder Sales for Paizo

Record Pathfinder Sales for Paizo

Pathfinder is a Dungeons and Dragons like TTRPG game that was based off of D&D 3.5.  There is a new edition of Pathfinder with Pathfinder 2.0.  With all of the mess around Wizards of the Coast and the D&D OGL, many have found their way to Pathfinder as a valid alternative to regular D&D.

In the last two weeks, sales of Pathfinder books have boomed.  Paizo estimates they have sold what they expected to be eight months worth of books in only two weeks.  That is a huge sales swing.  But it also makes it difficult if you are looking to enter your way into the Pathfinder role playing world. Many retailers are out of the basic rule books from Paizo for Pathfinder 2.0.  There are digital versions that can be used and Pathfinder has digital platform called Pathfinder Nexus.

Paizo is celebrating the love from the fans.  Check out their tweet below.

If you’ve been looking at migrating to Pathfinder, you might have to go digital. An 8-month supply of Pathfinder Core books is out — for now.

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