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Project Black Flag Release First Look

Project Black Flag Release First Look

When Wizards of the Coast attempted to change their OGL, , responded with their own announcement of their upcoming Project Black Flag.  This will be a new Table Top Role Play Game created independently from D&D. This will be an alternative game which created a lot of excitement.

has been known for their companion content to D&D.  They have provided resources and adventures for a long time. They made the move to change their direction and now create a new system that will be different.  is a part of the ORC (Open RPG Creative License) so it won’t fall into the OGL.

Kobold seems to be full speed ahead on their Project Black Flag.  They will put out a weekly announcement about Project Black Flag and where things stand. They will give sneak peeks at what is going on.  You can read the announcement at this link- Painting It Black.

Kobold announced their first phase of their play test for Project Black Black is set for February.  You can sign up at this link for the Play Test.  They also announced members of their artist team including Marc Radle (Kobold Press’s Art Director and Lead Graphic Designer), Roberto Pitturru, William O’Brien, Craig Spearing, Bryan Syme, Egil Thompson, and Eva Widermann.  I screen captured the art of the Orc and Troll (seen above) from their article to give an example of what is coming.

Project Black Flag from Kobold Press looks really interesting. The art is very KOOL  I signed up for the play test to see what it will all be about. We will see how things differ and what is similar to D&D.

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