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Princess Leia Comic Coming Soon to Marvel

image via buzzhub.wordpress.com

According to Bleeding Cool, the San Diego Comic Con floor is buzzing with talk about Marvel’s Star Wars Comics.  The big buzz is about a Princess Leia centered comic book.

The level of comic story telling has grown leaps and bounds since Marvel last had the rights to Star Wars comics.  The 70s and 80s had some fun Star Wars comics but they couldn’t tell the same type of Star Wars Extended Universe tales that Dark Horse has put out over the last 20 years.  But with Disney owning both Marvel and Star Wars, we knew it wouldn’t be long for Marvel to get another shot at it.

A Princess Leia Comic is a fantastic idea.  Leia is an awesome girl power character in Science Fiction, which has lacked strong female characters. Comics don’t have very many well written female lead characters. If this comic is written correctly, this could be Sci Fi comic to display a terrific female role model. A hit comic book would benefit both Marvel and science fiction.

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