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Pray They Stand Down Kickstarter

Pray They Stand Down Kickstarter

I know I put a lot of KOOL geeky Kickstarters here on our page.  That is because there is so much awesomeness out there that people need help to get out.  This project is a very special.  It is not a comic or a book or anything usual.  It is to help get a movie made but not just any movie.  A movie made locally about PTSD and Service Dogs from a true story of a local veteran.

Please check out the Kickstarter for Pray They Stand Down by clicking this link. You can see the video from the Kickstarter below. They are about half way there on raising funds but they need more support.  They only 12 days left.  We will have members of the cast and crew on Tuesday’s Geeky KOOL Presents: Professor and Ace to interview about this project.  Make sure you check it out too.

Chad Sikeston, combat veteran, Purple Heart recipient, PTSD diagnosed. Now in Missouri, he fights once more, Can a dog help him?

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a disorder that affects many veterans and civilians around the world. Hundreds of people take their life every week because of this affliction. This movie is to spread awareness, help with healing, and show that there are other options, like SERVICE DOGS and FREE help, that can pull you through things, no matter how hard the struggle feels. This movie must be done to absolute perfection. (Kickstarter)

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