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Planet Comicon Kansas City: Comics from Space panel

This panel focused on Comic Creators that have told stories about space.  Two comic writers to two artists were included in this panel.  It was Cullen Bunn, Jason Aaron, Jim Starlin, and Keith Giffen.  Here are some of the awesome things stated in the panel.

When asked about why they like to tell Space stories, Starlin replied, “I don’t have to draw horse or cars.”

Cullen Bunn stated that he found that “it appeals to 5 year old Cullen like when he was playing with Star Wars action figures.”

Starlin stated that “If you put it in space, you can say things that may be too close to home with politics if not Earth.”

Aaron stated that writing “Star Wars was like playing with toys when I was a kid.  With Thor, I didn’t grow up as a fan.  Each story is different and it is a ton of fun.”

When asked about what kind of different approach he uses for his characters in space, Cullen Bunn stated, “I don’t know if I approach the characters different in space or not.  It is often how I approach the settings.  In space, anything can happen.  I read a lot of things that happened before and examine how I see their attitudes.   It is how the characters interact with people in space.”

Jason Aaron discussed his new crossover series, War of the Realms.  “War is going through all of the realms.  Frost Giants, dark elves, and fire goblins all show up on Times Square.  Love writing Punisher when he isn’t fighting drug dealers. He is fighting frost Giants. Punisher is like ‘I need a bigger gun’.”

Giffen revealed that Rocket Raccoon was a throw away character for another story.  “I used him once and never thought about him again.”

When asked about adapting his reading for others, Aaron stated, “I don’t know what other readers what to read. I write comics that I want to read.  I am still like a kid playing in my mind.”

Giffen was abut the Legion is a science fiction story,  “I never saw Legion as a Science Fiction series. I saw it as a super-hero fantasy book.  It was a team book. But it was never science fiction or at least hard science fiction.”

I hope you enjoyed some of the KOOL quotes in this panel.

Stay Geeky!

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