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Passenger Bites Another Before Dying on a Plane


According to Fox News, Sunday Night’s flight of Aer Lingus from Lisbon, Portugal to Dublin, Ireland has a strange occurrence.  A 24-year-old Brazilian man acted erratic and then bit another passenger.  The crew attempted to handcuff him when he collapsed into a type of seizure and died.  A doctor and nurse on the flight attempted to revive the man.

The postmortem exam held on Monday.  No word on the cause of man’s death or biting of the other passenger.

The flight diverted to the southwest Irish city of Cork.  The paramedics in Cork pronounced the man dead on arrival.  The bitten individual was hospitalized in a Cork hospital.  The rest of the passengers and crew traveled by bus to Dublin.

This story feels like a zombie outbreak movie.  Will Ireland be overran with Walkers?  I doubt it but it is an interesting story.
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