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Original Writing- Poem: My Heart

My Heart

By Larry Litle
December 11, 2012

My heart still believes

I am yet a young man

My body knows the Truth

Yet isn’t love for the young?

Pitter Patter of emotions

Is a trap of naive youth

It fades into Oblivion

As we age, I am told

My heart must be trapped

In the past of our lives

For the pitter patter grows

Passionate thoughts of you

As I work through the day

My mind reflects on your smile

My heart yearns to hold

Your gentle hand in mine

My body might age in time

Not the young man once was

Like stories of Neverland

My heart refuses to grow Old

My love doesn’t simply fade
Only grows stronger with age.

(All Rights are Reserved. No copying/sampling without Express permission from Larry Litle or Geeky KOOL)

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