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Short Story: Alpha Centauri 1

My buddy, Jared George, created a group of creative people.  Many of these creative guys and gals are local artists in our local area.  Every week this group will get a promote for creativity.  As a writer, I took to this challenge.

The above image was our first challenge for this week.  I examined the picture above.  It inspired the below story.

The origin of the image above is unknown.


How did I get into this situation? Oh yes. Alpha Centauri 1. The planet Alpha Centauri 1 was our mission.

Our population is over growing our world. Our natural resources cannot keep up with the growth of population. Our long term survival relies on us finding another world to colonize. We didn’t listen to the warnings about our planet until it was too late. Now we are under the gun to find a planet that could support life as we know it.

Our scientists picked Alpha Centauri 1. It is the closest planet to ours that might be able to support our life. It is an M class planet is a neighboring solar system. After numerous years, our technology finally advanced for space travel outside of our universe. Hopefully it isn’t too late.

Our mission was a go. The nations came together to support and select the crew for the expedition. 100 individuals were picked from different disciplines and careers. Our assignment was for an extensive comprehensive evaluation of Alpha Centauri 1.

Back home, I was but a humble farmer. Examining the soil conditions and the natural vegetation of this world is my piece of the mission. Can a colony create enough food to to support themselves? I am on this alien planet to determine the viability of farming and sustaining life of the colony on its own.

Our expedition arrived at Alpha Centauri 1, or AC1 as the Captain calls it, a little less than 30 Alpha Centauri days ago. Our military and science explorers ventured down to the planet first. Much of AC1 is filled with large predators and they were tasked with examining it and setting up safe zones. The soldiers and scientists found several areas without large predators. A colony set up in one of these areas would be ideal. But can these areas sustain the lives of our people?

I finally began my job as the farming expert after 15 AC1 days. Every day the away ship dropped me off with a couple of security members to protect me from any potential harm. My days were filled with soil samples, natural vegetation investigation, potential growing seasons, and conditions needed for water.

The atmosphere on the planet is similar to ours. It is oxygen filled from all the vegetation. Because it isn’t a perfect match, all of the members of the crew were issue a protective suit. It gives us a perfect mix of air to breath. The suit has an exoskeleton built it to give us extra strength and protection from any harsh storms that spring up and potential wild animal attacks.

Gravity on AC1 is less than home. I can leap long distances. Many of our soldiers learned how to use the the light gravity to glide and surf the winds. I tested it out and practiced it with them but they were quick to pick up the skill involved.

After a long hard day of ruling out yet another potential colony site, I received a message from our ship in orbit. A strange alien ship arrived just outside of AC1 orbit. The two guards were ordered back to the ship but I was asked to stay planetside. The ship is on alert in case the aliens are hostile. The captain attempts to communicate peacefully with these aliens but wanted all hands on deck in case something goes wrong.

Exhausted from a hard day, I fell to the ground and laid flat on the grown. The Suns of Alpha Centauri 1 begin to set in the sky. I watch how beautiful this strange world is. I enjoy the cool breeze as I take time to relax.

I must have drifted off in a nap. My body feeling a bit more refreshed. Darkness overtakes this strange planet.

Maybe this could be home. Just maybe we can make this strange world work.

A strange animal sound screeches out in the night. Peace and relaxing are replaced with fear and anxiety. What if there are predators out here after all?

Taking a deep breath, I realize the sound was a bizarre looking bird creature. It isn’t large enough to pray on me.

I gathered my supply sack together. I hadn’t worried about going through it until now. I found supplies to create a fire. I gather some branches and twigs for a substantial fire. I don’t know if I will be here all night or not. I haven’t heard a word from my ship in hours.

After the fire is started, I make myself comfortable. I have an ample supply of rations to get me through several days. My eyes grow heavy again. The fire should scare away an unwanted animals.

I shoot directly up. A huge boom shook my campsite. Looking up in the night sky I see a fireball streak across the sky. It appears to be the remnants of a ship.

Is that my ship or the ship of aliens? Negotiations must not have gone well. Did we meet a war mongery race?

I find my radio by the flickering light of the dying campfire. I receive nothing but static. Are my crewmates all dead? What will happen to me? How will I ever get home?

I talk myself through this. There could a problem with my ships communication. Apparently there was a space battle and my ship might be damaged. It could be the debris causing an issue. Yes, it is probably the debris.

I didn’t sleep any longer for the rest of the night. I was too anxious to know what happened. I attempted to communicated several times with my ship but to now avail. I put on my survival suit in case there is any issues.

In the morning sky I saw it. It was one of our landing crafts. I went running to where it should land. Reality set in hard. That isn’t one of our crafts.

I started running as hard as I could. I had to get out of the open. They slaughtered my friends and crewmates. These alien monsters are here to kill me.

I looked back to see these foul creatures pop out of their ship. There were several chasing me in the matter of seconds. They seemed to gain quickly on me.

I had to jump instead of run. The planet will let me jump long distances. I started jumping further and further. Each jump got me further up in the air.

I started gliding through the air. I cannot believe I finally got it and it is in this situation. I am going to be free from these barbarian aliens but gliding in the air.

To my dismay, the aliens were jumping too. I hear some strange over the top of me. I see the large white figure right above me. It sounded like “Hails Yeeeessssssss” with a hiss. A tremendous weight hit my back causing me to moan “Ah ah ah ah.” One of these creature was on the center of my back. It’s spiky claws dug into my suit. I lost altitude quickly.

I blacked out as I hit the ground. I felt my life drifting away with my regrets filling my head. If only I had made time for love and treated my parents better. I will never know what these alien monsters wanted. Fading quickly away into darkness.


I hope you enjoyed the story.  Please feel free to leave any comments below.

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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