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Netflix Cancels Iron Fist After Two Seasons

Netflix Cancels Iron Fist After Two Seasons

Danny Rand has taken a lot of blows on the two seasons of Marvel’s Iron Fist.  He has almost died more than once.  He has lost the power of the Iron Fist and found something else.  The Iron Fist might be Immortal but this series isn’t.  Netflix has done what Danny’s enemies could not.  They have killed the Iron Fist.

The first season was rushed and not as good as the other Marvel series on Netflix.  The fight scenes and the plot weren’t great.  The second season was vastly improved.  These improvements weren’t enough to get the numbers that Netflix was looking for.

This is the first Marvel series that Netflix has canceled.  The Defenders were meant to be a one time crossover.  This news came out with season three of Daredevil awaiting to debut.

I totally enjoyed season 2 of Iron Fist.  It had the feel of a high quality modern martial art movie.  The action and martial arts were fantastic. It brought new twist the comics history of Iron Fist.  The cliff hanger at the end made me sad it was over.  Now we won’t see what happens to Danny, Ward, and the guns.

I am sad about this announcement. I feel like season 2 did fix the issues with season 1 and made a fun second season.  Hopefully Danny’s story will continue further in one of the other series.  Disney will have their one streaming service next year so who knows what could happen.

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