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James Gunn To Write and May Direct Suicide Squad 2

James Gunn To Write and May Direct Suicide Squad 2

According to Deadline, former Guardians Of The Galaxy writer and director, James Gunn, has been hired by Warner Bros and DCEU to write and possibly direct Suicide Squad 2.  He was let go from Disney/ MCU while writing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3.  Gunn was let go from Disney after ten-year-old controversial tweets were brought back to light.  In these controversial tweets, Gunn made a number of jokes about pedophilia and molestation.

Disney could not overlook these tweets.  It appears Warner Bros views this differently.

Warner Bros has to be excited to add Gunn to their their writers and possibility directors.  He had success with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. Guardians of the Galaxy made $773 million globally.   The sequel, grossed $863 million worldwide.

If the DCEU can inject that magic from Guardians into the Suicide Squad, that would be a huge win for a different group of misfits.  There is definitely a place for the Guardians style humor in the Squad. 

Many people upset with Gunn getting another shot after the horrific tweets were un-Earthed. Individuals who where molested may see Gunn’s second chance just another studio putting box office money in front of everything else. Others might see that Gunn was not serious in his inappropriate comments and it is time to get past stupid things that he said ten years ago.  This is bound to have emotions high for some fans.

It is definitely an interesting development.

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