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My Favorites of 2016 — Movie Edition

2016 was a very rough year for many of us. We all had our own personal challenges and losses in 2016. 2016 seems to loom heavy.  

We saw some of our favorite entertainers pass away.  Many of them passed away well before we thought they should.  It seems every day brings news of another death.  Curse you 2016!

Yet there was a lot of great things during 2016.  It wasn’t a total waste.  I want to give you my favorites from 2016. Here is the first in my series:  My Favorites of 2016 — Movie Edition.  


There were a ton of great geeky movies in 2016.  It was a great year at the box office.  There were so many geeky movies, I didn’t get to see them all in the theater.  I only included the movies I did see at the movies.

DC Comics put out two movies to start their cinematic universe. Marvel Comics continued their universe with two of their own movies.  Fox brought two of their Marvel/ X-Men movies.  Star Wars ended 2015 and began 2016 with the introduction of their renewed franchise and ended 2016 with a new movie.  The new revisioned  Star Trek franchise added another film.


Batman V Superman
Captain America: Civil War
X-Men: Apocalypse
Star Trek: Beyond
Suicide Squad
Doctor Strange
Rogue One

Winner: Captain America: Civil War
This was a very difficult decision for me.  I enjoyed most of these movies.  It was a matter of inches.  

Captain America: Civil War brought the fun and intensity of Marvel Universe to the screen.  I enjoyed the movie version better than the comic series (especially more than Civil War II). The conflict between the heroes has been building for movies.  You could see this split coming.  The characters drove the plot.  They didn’t want things to unravel like this but it happened because of their characters and flaws.  

This movie demonstrated that Marvel’s formula still does work. It was better than Age of Ultron.  

The humor in this movie was well timed.  It was not forced. It added just the right amount of brightness to a dark period in our heroes lives.  

Runner Up: Rogue One

I changed my mind back and forth on Runner-Up.  I finally settled in my mind on Rogue One.  It brought me right back to the time of Star Wars (A New Hope). I bought into the characters.  I loved the interaction of our heroes.  

I was upset by the ending of the movie.  ****SPOILERS****  I hated that they killed all of the characters we just spent 2 hours getting to know.  I understand why they died but I wasn’t happy about these characters all sacrificing themselves to save the universe.  Being upset is what actually convinced me that Rogue One should be my runner up.  
Honorable Mention:  Deadpool

Here is a movie that doesn’t fit into my normal wheelhouse. I don’t usually care for movies with this much language or vulgarity.  I found it offensive but yet hysterical.  This is not a movie for everyone.  You have to check your sensibilities at the door.  Yet I had a heck of a great time with this movie.

Worst on the List: X-Men: Apocalypse

This was an easy selection.  I did enjoy some of this movie but it completely underwhelmed me.  There was a lot of standing around, talking, and looking at others doing things.  It had potential but blew all of it.  

The only horseman who really did much was Magneto.  This wasn’t a surprise.  He has been the star of the past two X-Men movies.  

The plot didn’t make much sense.  The characters and action of others didn’t really drive the plot.  They are going to do what?  Why?  Because the script tell them to do it.

Jean Grey in the Phoenix force again?  Didn’t we already mess up the Jean as Phoenix story?  Why go to the well when that well was already ruined?

Many people will not agree with my choices and that is okay. We can all agree to disagree on our favorites from 2016. Feel free to leave your choices in the comment section.  We would love to hear about your favorites.  Arguments about why my choices are not as good as your can be fun as long as we can do it like adults.

The next in the series will be- My Favorites of 2016 — Comics.  It should be out on Friday.  

Stay Geeky Friends!

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