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My Favorites of 2016 — Comics Edition

2016 was a very rough year for many of us. We all had our own personal challenges and losses in 2016. 2016 seems to loom heavy.  

We saw some of our favorite entertainers pass away.  Many of them passed away well before we thought they should.  It seems every day brings news of another death.  Curse you 2016!

Yet there was a lot of great things during 2016.  It wasn’t a total waste.  I want to give you my favorites from 2016. Here is the second in my series:  My Favorites of 2016 — Comics Edition.  


I love comic books.  Comics have been a huge piece of my life since I was a little kid.  Comics gave me enjoyment during my childhood.  I became a piece of their world.

I am more of a Marvel Comics fan than DC or any independent comics.  I do read a variety but mostly Marvel.

Here is a list of comics that I am actively reading and enjoying.  


Ms. Marvel
Wonder Woman
Captain Marvel
Black Widow
Amazing Spider-Man
Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows
Serenity (Dark Horse)
Listen to the Thunder (Lunch Box Press)

Winner: Spidey
Spidey is a comic book written by Robbie Thompson from 2015 to 2016.  These stories are set while Peter is in High School and shortly after he received his powers and Uncle Ben passed away.

These comics were so much fun.  Peter has a lot going on with High School and learning to be a hero.  He is discovering the fullness of his powers.  He struggles with his crush on Gwen Stacy.  It brought me back to what I really love about Spider-Man.  

Robbie Thompson really understands the essence of a young Peter Parker.  He brought out his awkwardness and insecurities, that most teens have.  He nailed the hopes and dreams of Peter.

This series was so fun. I enjoyed every issue. It always went to the top of my read list.

The final issue came out in November.  When I read the letter section stating that it was the final issue, I was upset.  I longed for more issue and fun with the young Peter.  This is a testimony to the awesome writing of Thompson and the wonderful art from the various artists on this series.

Runner Up: Ms Marvel

Ms Marvel continues to be one the best written and most fun comics I read.  Ms Marvel is a comic focused on the Pakistani-American teenager, Kamala Khan.  She is based in Jersey City.  

Kamala is genetically an “Inhuman”.  She has Morphogentics powers.  She can stretch and change size and shapes.  She can change her appearance including her hair and clothing.  

Ms Marvel reminds me of a young Spider-Man.  She tries to balance her life of family, faith, high school, and friendships with her superhero life.  She is a strong-willed girl with lots of doubts and fears she must face.  

Ms. Marvel is always near the top of my read list. I love her stories.  Her life is very different than mine yet she is written where anyone can enjoy her tails.  


Honorable Mention:  Black Widow

The dynamic team of Mark Waid and Chris Samnee took over Black Widow earlier in the year.  It went from a comic I enjoyed to a comic that I love.  Waid and Samnee are exploring Widow’s past and what she doesn’t want to come to light.  She goes on the run from S.H.I.E.L.D. and from the other Avengers.  It is a super spy story.  

I love Samnee and Waid’s take on Black Widow.

New Read Favorite:  Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows (Only 2 Issues so far)

“Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows” is an alternative reality where Peter and Mary Jane have been married for 10 years.  Their daughter, Annie, is eight years old and has spider powers.  

This series takes place after the events in the Secret Wars series by the same name.  The creative team of Gerry Conway and Ryan Stegman tell our story.  

As a long time fan of Peter Parker, I miss his marriage to MJ.  It was important to my life that Peter could grow and be married.  His marriage was rocky at times but it was core to his character.  This is how I imagined Peter’s life with MJ and I love their daughter Annie.

One Shot:  Listen to the Thunder

Listen to the Thunder is a black and white indy comic from Lunch Box Press.  This horror comic is a werewolf spectacular.  It is a fun story and a beautiful book. It was one of my favorite single issues of the season.  

Kevin Watkins and Adam McLaughlin is the creative team.  They are working on further issues in this series.  It is such an awesome concept.  You can pick up a copy of this come at The Comic Cave in Springfield, MO.  


Many people will not agree with my choices and that is okay. We can all agree to disagree on our favorites from 2016. Feel free to leave your choices in the comment section.  We would love to hear about your favorites.  Arguments about why my choices are not as good as your can be fun as long as we can do it like adults.

The next in the series will be: My Favorites of 2016 — Television.  It should be out on Saturday.
Here is our link to My Favorites of 2016: Movies (from yesterday).

Stay Geeky Friends!


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