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My Cosplays Highlight:

My Cosplays Highlight:

I have always loved dressing up since I was a little girl.  Typical Disney princess dresses in the Play Room I shared with my brother.  Halloween was always a yearly delight, us picking or making our perfect costumes, inspired by our expressions and beloved characters.  I guess I never grew out of that.  Getting big into anime in middle school/high school, cosplay became something I wanted to do.  So when I FINALLY got to go to my first convention in the spring of 2012, and I never slowed, ha, I knew I was waking into a new form of this world. It can be hard at times, especially since I don’t sew.

I will never be a pro, but I love encompassing the character, to honor how they fuel me, make me happy.  Or, later, joining a cosplaying charity for kids, in order to make kids smile.  Later, added to that, it became fun figuring out new cosplays to have a topic at my conventions where I sold books.  Connecting common interests with this lovely and interactive fun of creativity is wonderful.  I cherish these interactions and seeing how others perceive these characters.

So, I wanted to show you radical peeps my cosplays since I have been going to cons for almost ten years.  I love adding little quirks to mine that true fans will know since I know I cannot be exact.  Telling stories with the props is what gets reactions.  I also like picking known characters, but ones that may not be the most popular.  Cosplaying is an experience that I treasure.  Now, I can share this journey with you.

First Offical Con Cosplay:

Princess Sakura from “Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles:” Princess of Cherry Blossoms (from manga)

This was our first con (me, Miles, Derrick, and his brother Nathan).  We all loved this manga/anime, so it was fun to get into character.  My dress skirt had real jingle bells and several people would hear me coming and think I was Santa OR bad at my skirt like a Neko.  LOL! I carried a plush Mokona around and made the sakura headpiece myself (since hers online was over $40).  I actually am proud of it.  This was at Anime St. Louis 2012 and it was a blast, starting my love for cons.

Mai Valentine (Battle City Outfit) from “Yu-Gi-Oh!”

This was my first closet cosplay I notified and my first time wearing a wig.  I had it professionally styled and everything.  I liked this outfit a lot, but it felt a tad revealing for me.  HA!  Yet, it was a treat being sassy.  Still, I deeply had fun and finally having an ‘excuse’ to get a real duel disk toy on eBay that I wanted since middle school was incredible! 😉  This was Anime St. Louis 2013.

Most Well-Known Cosplay:

Sailor V from “Sailor Moon:”

This one was a dream come true.  I got to wear it for the first time for Natsu Con in 2013.  I have worn it so many times since then.  HA!  I wore it the first time I did an event for Heroes for Kids.  And this is the outfit everyone knows me as.  I have upgraded it so many times and had two versions of the outfit, using the first one so many times, 3-4 different wigs (had them styled and cleaned too). I also have a plush Artemis, Mina’s pet cat, with me at all times and he’s a large hit!  I have had professional photos of this one.  I even have a chibi of me dressed as Sailor V (with Artemis of course) by my book cover artist, Suzy! All of the funds go to charity and I sign them too. 😉  One of my highlights is when I get fanart of me as this sailor scout and a balloon masterpiece of Sailor V! I am glad to make others smile with a character I deeply like! I will protect the Earth with the power of love!

Tenma (Summer uniform) from “School Rumble”

I only wore this one once, but I did like it.  A friend of mine’s grandma made it for me (I bought the fabric).  However, I only got recognized by one or two times and the skirt fabric was so light it blew up from nothing.  Of course, it had to be windy as heck that day! HA! I wore this for Anime St. Louis 2014.  It is a fantastic show AND I adore Tenma’s crazy energy.

Chi (Lolita Maid Uniform) from “Chobits:”

My mom was nice and got this pretty lolita maid outfit for me.  It has an enchanting matching kimono-style top, but it doesn’t fit me right sadly.  So, this one is a hybrid of custom-made, prop making (I did the headpiece), and closet (top I fancy up, socks, roses, and so forth).  I have worn it a handful of times and feel cute in it, but it is starting to get a little torn sadly.  Now, this is not Chi’s official maid outfit from my previous show “Chobits.”  But, at my first convention, I bought some Chi robot ears that go over them with a headband.  So, I thought it made a sweet match and I have fun in it.  Maid Cafes are one of my favorite events to do at cons and I secretly want to be a part of one someday, if I was cute enough! LOL!

Hungary (Austro-Prussian War Uniform) from “Hetalia” (season 3:)

OH! Hetalia is such a grand show, a ride of insanity!  I love it to bits! And when I saw Hungary get all mad at Prussia in season 3 to protect her beloved Mr. Austria, I knew what must be done! It took me a while to find the outfit, but I have a blast in it! Most people think I am a pirate though, lol! I even met a great Prussia and Austria pair of cosplayers that messed with me, Austria even asking me to slow dance, but I was too nervous! HA! Now all I need is a frying pan! LOL! I wore this first in 2014.

Umi (final season one warrior outfit) from “Magic Knights Rayearth:”

Ah!  A beautiful, classic with magical girls in a fantasy setting with mechas!  I love Umi’s disbelief, prissy at times personality! Finding this outfit was an adventure, but such a reward when I did.  My super great pal made the fencing sword for me with such fine detail.  I treasure it.  This was the first time I attempted trimming a wig (the bangs).  I did okay.  LOL! But I get so much praise that I look amazing in blue hair! HA! The cape is a blast to flip around.  Plus, it’s soft.  I did alter the bottoms (I did not want to wear black bikini bottoms, so I got fingertip length compression shorts and I do have white coverings for the boots, but they don’t like to stay above my knees, so I think the black, fake leather ones I found on eBay are great too)! The massive giant, wired dragon wings shoulder pads are fun, but I cannot go through the door with them.  LOL! I only have had a handful of people recognize me since it is an older series, but when they do, they squeal with glee!  One girl saw me from the second floor (I was in the lobby), fan girled scream, ran to get to me, and hugged me, saying how much she cherished this show growing up too! YEAY! 😀 I feel like a lovely, water warrior in this, worthy of the dragon god, Selene, that my character commands!

Trainer “Pokemon” (season one):

A fun closet I like to do is my own play on a classic “Pokemon” trainer, using Ash as in inspiration with the hat I got on Amazon ages ago, a jean vest and red tank I own, and enamel pin Kanto gym badges I got at one of my first conventions.  The Pokeballs I have on my belt are toys I’ve had since I was like 10-11.  And I have LIKE 40 Pokemon plushes throughout my life, each changing depending on the event.  This one is quick, comfy, easy, and fun for the kiddos.  Always aiming to be a master!

Rin (casual outfit) from “Fate Stay Night/Fate Unlimited Blade Works:”

Rin is bright, sassy, and powerful.  I adore her rapport with her servant, Archer.  Miles and I both really like Type Moon’s “Fate” series, but I admit, I cannot keep up with all of the different versions! LOL! Yet, Rin is a mage that can use magic gemstones to do everything from making them explode to grow back/heal organs of those who are dying!  I attach some to my skirt and write her symbol on my hand, based on a large sticker I bought.  I bought a red sweater and a friend helped me make the cross symbol with white fabric paint, the black pleated skirt, and of course, her signature necklace.  In addition, I have a teacup I drink from since she is picky with her tea.  I also talk to myself because her servant, Archer, is invisible or can be to most.  My students think I am crazy, lol!

Shadowcat AKA Kitty Pryde from “X-Men” (evolution TV series):

This was my first non-anime cosplay.  My Heroes for Kids family does “X-Men,” consisting of Gambit, Rogue, Wolverine, and Cyclopes.  I recollect in middle school watching “X-Men: Evolution” on WB Saturday Morning Cartoons.  Kitty was always my favorite with her cool skills and bubbly, almost valley girl personality.  I never got into comic book superheroes much, but mutants always appealed to me.  So, I wanted to be a member of this team to surprise my friends.  My first official photo shoot (as an X-Men group) was with them, us having some creative pictures like it looks like things are phasing through me!  It was fun purchasing all the pieces.  Wearing the spandex is interesting, but also partly empowering (the yellow gloves rock too AND the purple boots are some of my favorite shoes to wear.)  I know she has a yellow collar and the undershirt is more of a periwinkle blue, but I think this little personal twist works for me. And I wear the X-Men symbols with pride.  For fun, I wear a black cat pin and necklace, and kitty ears (although it confuses some kids thinking I am cat woman, HA! But, it’s a pun on words.  Hehehe!)  Let’s go, mutants!

Annabeth Chase (Camp Half-Blood shirt) from “The Percy Jackson Book Series:”

Anyone who follows my articles on here or my Facebook knows that I LOVE, LOVE, L.O.V.E. ANYTHING written by Rick Riordan, the author of the multiple “Percy Jackson” and other wonderful modern mythology series.  I had a random idea to cosplay as a character from my favorite series.  I chose the wise girl, the blue cupcake to Percy’s eye, the bright blonde beauty, Annabeth Chase.  This one has a ton of props: fake Greek coins, half-blood beaded necklaces, a Camp Half-Blood necklace, an owl charm (for Athena), an Effie Tower charm (for Percy and Annabeth’s six-month date), and either a Posiden necklace or replica of Percy’s sword Riptide, a book, a golden laurel hair clip, and of course, her bronze dagger.  I used to have a tote bag that had a Delta symbol (from book 4) with a cup of pineapple juice and a honey health bar (for nectar and ambrosia), but it sadly broke. The trademark ponytail wig is odd since I am used to long hair, but I like it a lot.  It did have a silver streak in my hair that she obtains in book 3, but it only stayed in a few times.  The most fun part is when I made fake edible blood and put it all over my face, arms, and legs.  I have a ripped-up, stained, and dried mud version of the Camp Half-Blood shirt my good friend Tabby helped me work on.  It was a blast!  I really love this cosplay and showing off a book character from a series close to my heart.

Sakura (original series, winter elementary uniform) from “Cardcaptor Sakura:”

This was one of the first on my cosplay wishlist.  My mom finally did get it for me, but I was in my mid-twenties by then, lol! The top fits just fine, but the skirt was very snug, short, and sheer!  My friend Tabby helped me extend the waistband and I added think shorts under the skirt.  I didn’t want to get a brown wig since mine is brown, but I couldn’t get my long hair under the cap the way I wanted, so I caved.  I do have her key necklace, both wands (I switch which one I want to use), a plush Kero, my Clow or Sakura cards in a bag, and my friends got me her summoning circle that I can use for cool photos.  For fun, in the wig, I have the cherry pigtail ties she wears in the original anime and sakura hair pins to keep the hat in place.  It is a lot of fun to be Sakura from my favorite and first anime/manga, but I admittedly feel silly in it.  HA!  I hope to one day get one of her battle outfits. I will never stop loving this series though.

Dark Angel (Original Character for a “Mad Max 2, What If…” Skit we did):

Every year at Cosplacon, my friends Tabby and Nathan write and perform a skit.  They always rock.  I have been in two of them.  The first one was a scene from “Mad Max 2,” a franchise they are really into.  This one was pieced together through lots of components.  The skirt was made from some lacy tablecloths.  I owned the boots, hat, hairpiece, pocket watch, top, and necklace.  I borrowed the belt, holster, and steampunk goggles.  The gun was painted white and I added a whole bunch of silver symbols on it and the two different black gloves I had (one fingerless and one an antique fancy one).  I purchased two pairs of attachable wings.  The white ones I wore, but I plucked some off the black pair to make symbols with the dark feathers, like a cross, and X, and others. It was a lot of fun making an OG.

Now, the plot was that in the explosion in the film, Max could have died.  While fading away, gender-bent Max (Tabby) saw her deceased spouse (Derrick). They talk, Max ready to move on to heaven to be with her love, but my character, a dark angel, has the job to send Max back because she still needs to save the world.  I get to be the comedic relief, which was a nice balance for this touching, serious scene.

Anastasia (Dream Sequence Ballgown) from the animated movie “Anastasia:”

“Dancing bears, painted wings, things I almost remember. And a song, someone sings, once upon a December.”  “Anastasia” is a breathtaking piece of art.  It has been one of my favorite films since it came out.  The music, the animation, the characters, all of it combine into a film of heart.  Princesses have always been a staple in my life, role models, but Anastasia was so grounded with her sassy nature, wit, and touching goal of a family.  Even her relationship with Dimitri is realistic and adorable. So, I finally found the perfect princess for me and it made my childhood self feel confident, gleeful, and amazing.  This film has shaped my life.  It got me interested in Russian royal history, my heart always breaks for The Romanov family.  This outfit is to honor them and this milestone movie.  Plus, this ballgown is actually comfy and a thrill to twirl in. Of course, I have her necklace from her grandmother, the music box, pearl necklace, and Pooka, her dog, as a plush.  I get lots of positive reactions from con-goers too!

Rapunzel (PJs, inspired by “Ralph Breaks the Internet”) from “Tangled:)

Alright, folks. I have to get a little sad for a moment. A few years ago, I tried to do a princess, Rapunzel, one of my favorites.  I love her, but the outfit never fit me right, the wig was hard to work with, and the pressure of being a Disney princess can be hard.  But, sadly, I also got bullied for being in that outfit, which did dampen my spirits now. It sadly happens in any industry.  I was told I was too big to be a Disney princess and the outfit did not look good on me.  Yes, I know everyone had a right to their own opinion, but when you love a character and work hard on your outfit, it does sting.  A lot of my friends told me not to let it get to me and they liked it.  I am grateful for their love.

So, since I adore this healing princess and spent a lot of fun time on the accessories, I decided to try a casual, PJ Rapunzel.  I already owned the PJs from Hot Topic and have a purple hoodie I could use a Wreck-It Ralph version look.  I have Rapunzel socks, a sun necklace, a purple Tangled gemstone necklace, and a tiara ring all from Hot Topic too! The toy frying pan was from Gamestop and I bought her sun symbol decals for it and to make my own flags as she found in the movie with purple fabric from eBay.  A new light wig that goes to my knees is easier to wear, also from eBay.  It says in place with a Tangled pin I got from my friend Cat for my birthday from Tokyo Disney!  I even have her pet Pascal, soft lavender houseshoes, and purple paint brushes I got from Amazon. This Lost Princess is ready for anything!

Marlana, Elf Dyrid Princess (based on my first D and D Character:)

Four years ago, I got to try out Dungeons and Dragons, a dream of my husband’s.  And we both fell in love, an activity we can do together! The first character I made was a high elf dyrid princess named Marlana.  She was isolated in a land of elves of all classes, surrounded by mountains, welcoming outsiders, but still cast in a protective veil. The princess was loved and overprotected, being an only child/heir to the aging king, losing her mother when she was a child.  She fell in love with her childhood friend and knight.  Darkness ripped a tear in their barrier, trying to kidnap the only heir, but her knight blocked the way and was captured by the darkness instead.  Marlana was heartbroken.  She felt her connection with her knight and he was slowly suffering, but he never regrets it for he loves her too.  Marlana asked her father to find a way to reach that dark realm to save her love.  The King allowed it but gave her 40 years (elves can live about 700) in order to do it since the King’s life was almost up and she was the only one able to rule the people she lived. She agreed.  She tried different trades involving magic, collecting information all over the world.  Marlana felt most comfortable around dyrids she befriended.  Now, her time for searching is almost up.  She meets up with some adventurers, seeing if they can help.

I had this skirt and hairpiece from Tabby’s wedding when I was a bridesmaid, the top from my closet, lol! I got the tiara and ears from some St. Louis Ren Faires, bought the black cape from Amazon, and wore my beloved black cosplay boots.  The jewelry is mine too. I love how this tabletop can inspire so much.

Female Robin Hood/Loksey (inspired by “Robin Hood: Men in Tights” and a D and D Character:)

I adore Mel Brooks movies! I have always deeply been fond of the “Adventures of Robin Hood.”  So, why not combine the two?  I had a blast piecing this one together.  The green dress is one I wear to work or church.  The hat I bought at a Halloween store.  The vest belongs to my brother (although I bought my own now).  I use my Greek coins for my riches.  I bought the black leather armbands at a Ren Faire a few years back.  The shades, key necklace, boots, leggings, and red cape (not in his photos) are all from my closet.  And I borrowed the toy bow from a co-worker.  But I also have my own. I have a more winter-friendly version of this outfit too with a white long-sleeved undershirt and fake fur vest.  I wore this first three Halloweens ago and it is so fun!  I also based one of my favorite D and D characters, Loxsly, on a female Robin Hood (my first rogue, but lawful, lol), her being an exceedingly charming half-elf.  ^_^

Tohru Honda (winter school uniform) from “Fruits Basket:”

“Let’s stay together, always.”  I am jazzed that Fruits Basket got a new series for us true fans and the next generation!  I have been told Tohru is my anime counterpart in looks and heart.  She is one of my role models and heroes in anime, I look up and try to implement her lessons and tenderness in my real life. ^_^  It took me a few years, but I finally got brave enough to purchase the cosplay.  We had to severely adjust the skirt for it swallowed me, but I owned the rest.  The unique and whimsical component I added was the fruits basket full of all 13 of the zodiac animes as plushes!  Some are not exact, but it was still a blast to find them.  My symbol, an onigiri (rice ball), is my purse to hold my con gear.  Everyone geeks out over my animal friends.  Even Ms. Maxwell, who voices Tohru’s best friend Uo-chan, petted all the animals and called me my best friend.  😀 The picture above is me with a fellow Tohru.  She saw me across the hall and ran to me, beaming from ear to ear!  We took this sweet picture and she gave me a huge hug.  This is why I cosplay!


Purple Kimono:

My mom made me my first kimono in high school for a party.  And over the years, I have been getting authentic clothes from China and Japan.  I treasure them all.  But my dream was to have a real fitting by a kimono expert and buy a true one this way.  So, when I went to Epcot on my first magical trip to Disney World with my besties Missa and Cat, we stayed in the Japan area for a long time.  They had a shop of real kimonos and all the employees were FROM Japan! My heart was pounding with delight.  We tried them on for an hour, having the most wonderful time.  There were two I really wanted, but I ultimately went with this lovely, silky purple sakura one.  The kind attendant taught us how to tie it.  Marissa was a lamb and bought it for me even in addition to us having matching Disney snack dresses! I felt so blessed.  I did purchase two authentic fans (I collect Oriental fans and dishware), a beautiful sakura kimono pink drawstring bag (it’s in the background), a plum blossom hair clip the worker helped me pick out, and a stunning purple parasol with a bamboo handle (I have a few others over the years.  I got the purple one at the Chinese pavilion).  This entire attire makes me feel giddy and lovely, my love for Japan coursing through me.

Miss Scarlet (closet) from “Clue:”

A fun closet outfit.  Pretty red dress.  Pearl necklace and red jewel necklace I use for my Anastasia and Rin cosplays.  Red boa I have had since my high school choir days (oh, amazing times).  $1 red glitter fan.  My mom curled my hair.  One of my beloved headbands. Phoniex clasp bracelet I wore at Tabby’s wedding.  An alluring air of mystery.  Boom!  One of the most well-known women in board game history!  I first wore this on a murder mystery train ride (such a blast) then later to a school cosplay contest (where I added a black rope for one of the weapon props).  I love being coy and dramatic in this look.  Plus, “Clue” the movie and musical are great!

Starfire from “Teen Titans” (cartoon network version):

“When there’s trouble, you know who to call! Teen Titans!”  Let’s go! Oh, Cartoon Network in the 00’s was a grand time.  Fantastic shows.  Teen Titans was the top.  Humorous, emotional, action-packed, catchy theme song.  It had it all.  And Starfire is my girl!  Her bubbly energy, bombastic smile, love for learning new Earth customs, motherly nature, her kawaii rapport with Robin.  I related to her so well.  Plus, her powers were the bomb!  I always wanted to be like this precious alien princess.  With covid, I ordered a few cosplays to prep.  This was the first one I wore when returning back to con life.  I ordered a Starfire outfit, but the top and skirt were WAY too short!  So, I modified it with a deep purple tank top and shorts but kept the awesome accessories.  Yes, I styled my lovely, lightweight long wig, but I know the bangs are messed up.  My bad!  I even have the communicator (from Etsy), made green energy balls I can attach to my hands (made of green tulle), and an empty mustard bottle with a straw since she is obsessed with the stuff! HA! People seem to enjoy it as much I do.

I also have a casual Starfire: same wig, top, purple compression shorts, but instead, she had a NASA white shirt and tennis shoes.  I have a book on stars too for fun.  I see lots of cool fan art of these “Earth High-School” versions of our beloved team.  Now, all I need is Robin’s letterman jacket to get the full look. 😉

Genderbent Aladdin from “Disney’s Aladdin” movie:

“Aladdin” is one of my top favorite Disney movies of all time! He’s charming, quirky, brave, kind, but flawed, which makes him so appealing.  Jasmine will always be my favorite princess, but I didn’t feel pretty or confident enough to wear her pretty outfit.  So, I went to one of the best Disney fellas.  I found an outfit on Amazon for only $45, including the fez.  I ordered a deep red tank top for $8 on there too and lots of props: a lamp, jasmine flowers, a plastic saber like he has in the classic Sega games, carpet, fake bread, and apples, all in a large tote. Of course, I have to have Abu, my best friend, and partner-in-crime. Being a playful thief with a heart of gold, a diamond in the rough, is great! I love how people of all ages run to me for photos.  LOL!

Evie (my own version) from “Disney’s Descendants movie franchise:”

“It’s good to be bad!”  I thought of this cosplay so I could do a duo one day with my dear friend Cat, who is a fantastic Mal.  “Descendants” is an enchanting, goofy series of films.  I always admired Evie’s flirty nature, giving heart, and style.  So, I found a top and these cool white with black roses leggings online to get that graffiti, but the sapphire look she’s known for.  Recycling my pleaded black skirt from my Rin cosplay and black cosplay boots went well. I ordered the leather, red-fingerless gloves, and Evie’s necklace, crown, and wig on Amazon, being lucky to find an apple purse to represent my mother, the Evil Queen from “Snow White.”  I even have a mirror-like hers in the first film.  This is the first cosplay that really needs make-up, which I bought, but it is a skill I am horrid at, lol! Although this is my own closet cosplay, I did base it loosely off the opening musical number in the second movie, “Ways to be Wicked.”  My elementary kids enjoy this outfit.  I hope I can wear it with Cat, my Mal, as a pair outfit sometime.

Princess Morgan (my newest Ren Faire outfit:)

This summer, my area had its first Ren Faire.  Drew was amazing and found dresses for all of us from her choir days.  I tried on this purple number and it fit me like a glove.  I feel so regal in it and it is now my official royalty gown.  The sleeves are a sheer green, the dress a deep plum in crushed, smooth velvet.  I wore one of my Ren fair crowns, necklaces, and of course, my elf ears.  I added my black cloak as well.  I ended up purchasing two more gorgeous tiaras at this fair, lol!  It was a much-needed joyous day with these poppets!

She-Ra (original outfit) from “She-Ra:”

“For the honor of Greyskull!” My eldest brother Jon was born in 1980, growing up with the OG Mutant Turtles, Transformers, and He-Man.  Miles and I wanted to share some parts of his life, looking up to him.  So, when we discovered some original He-Man toys at an antique mall, dad explaining what they were, we went nuts, finding all these classic toys on eBay.  Mom even found us the whole series, on recorded VHS! HA! Then, I found She-Ra, He-Man’s twin sister, and got hooked on all those toys.  The characters were neat too.  I always thought She-ra was so radiant: caring, strong, bright, pretty.  I wanted to be all those things.  Then, after I watched the new She-Ra series on Netflix, which is vastly different, but so good in its own way, I knew I wanted to bring the original Princess of Power out to be represented to the new generation.  So, another covid outfit was custom-made for me!  I added my Sailor V wig and once I put everything on, I felt beautiful and mighty.  My friend with me at the time was in awe!  This outfit makes me feel like a true warrior!

The shoes are from an online costume store (if I got them from a cosplay store, they would have been about $60.  I got mine for $16.)  Man! The slight heel though is KILLER to walk in, so I use them for pictures only, house shoes under the table.  For added flare for fans, I added a necklace of He-Man, showing my brother is always with me, then two pins to help hold up the top better: one of my special horse, Swiftwind, and the other the new She-Ra to honor her).  The sword was one I had to piece together then paint.  I got the gems at Hobby Lobby and glued them.  It was about $60 for the parts and supplies, but to get it online, it would have been close to $200!  I have fun being creative and trying to do my best while saving money lol!

Kimberly Hart as The Pink Power Ranger from “Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger:”

My idol!  *EEEE!* “Power Rangers” have been my life, my heroes, since I was four.  They were good kids, never gave up when responsibility is thrown at them.  The show was engaging, had good lessons, fantastic characters, wonderful action scenes, and just captures you, even though the original is 28 years old.  The Pink Ranger, Kimberly, was the peppy cheerleader type, but she had kindness, attitude when needed, and her skills as a gymnast and martial artist were a spectacle, my eyes filling with awe watching all the rangers in actions, them being amazing role models on and off-camera.  I know this from meeting several of them over my convention years.  Now, like every youth of the early ’90s, I had a power ranger outfit with a plastic mask.  Yet, as I grew, I yearned to get a full custom-made cosplay.  After saving for months during the covid season last year, I took the plunge!  And I cannot be happier with the results.  This is by far the most expensive cosplay I have ever bought, but it is a dream come true.  I got the cosplay, boots, belt, holster, gloves, and helmet at EZ Cosplay, the wooden, handcrafted, and painted power bow from Etsy, and my laser gun an original toy of it from 1994, it still making noise.  I even have the Morpher and communicator I have purchased on Amazon a few years ago (the Morpher is signed even by Jason David Frank, Tommy the green/white ranger!)  I also did casual 90’s Kimberly with the hairstyle, spenders, a pink ranger shirt, neon backpack, wallet, socks, and cup (pretending to be a fan of myself to throw off suspicion, lol, ^_-), and hot pink high-top Converse.  I feel morphin-nomical! 😀  I cannot wait to use to wear this one more! I feel like I have been waiting to be this hero my entire life, thanks to this incredible franchise.

Genderbent Tamaki Suoh from “Ouran High School Host Club:”

“Kiss, Kiss, fall in love!” My Otaku Anime Girls Group and I all got to go to a con together a few weeks ago! It was amazing.  So, we had to prep, right, by dressing up from an anime that we all love.  “Ouran High School Host Club,” baby! I chose the charming, spaz, goofy, tender, dramatic, and king of the club, Tamaki, all of us doing gender-bent versions of one of the seven members of the club (and there are seven of us, so perfect).  We all got the official jacket with the school emblem and the matching ties.  We then got to wear our own black pants and shoes.  Also, we had matching sky blue shirts that say “Ouran Academy: Host Club Member” on Etsy, in case we got hot, but we also matched.  ^_- And of course, we had our props: each of us has our own colored roses, I bought them matching rose lapel pins as a thank you gift.  Some of us had special props to us, like Julie with a notebook, Drew her pink bunny, and Mori and hand the leash to keep Honey from eating all the sweets, lol! As the Host King, I had a crown or a version of my childhood plush toy, Kuma, as a hat Sarah got, commoners coffee (Amber bought a tea set so we could all do the big scene where they all try it for the first time), and the key to music room #3.  Sam even made me mushrooms for when I am depressed and grow them in episode 10, HA!  We all had fun being together, especially messing with our poor ‘commoner,’ Alesha!  We did a photoshoot before this and had an amazing time!  I cannot wait to encompass this delightful half-French cutie again!

Do I have other ideas?  YES! LOL! >o<  I am for sure looking at one day doing Super Sailor Moon, Odette from “Swan Princess,” “Dark Magician Girl” from “Yu-Gi-Oh!,” Penny from “RWBY,” Angel Lily (battle outfit) from “Wedding Peach,” a different Chi dress, and a new Sakura from “Cardcaptor Sakura” outfit. If I ever get to do a group family cosplay, I would want to do Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar.  I want Ginger, lol! ^_^  I have a few manga characters I want to do too, but I am not sure I would be known (Berry “Tokyo Mew Mew: A La Mode).

I also want something from “Kingdom Hearts,” “Lore Olympus,” “Avatar: The Last Airbender” OR “Korra,” Either Sophie OR Sheeta from “Studio Ghibli,” and a villain of some kind, but it would have to be the right one.

You got any ideas for me?  Let me know! 😉 I hope you enjoyed this look into my cosplay life!


Be creative! Express yourself! Stay geeky! 🙂


Educator of young minds by day, super nerdy savior of justice, and cute things by night, Morgan Straughan Comnick has a love for turning the normal into something special without losing its essence. Morgan draws from real-life experiences and her ongoing imagination to spark her writing. In her spare time, she enjoys doing goofy voices, traveling to new worlds by turning pages, humming child-like songs, and forcing people to smile with her “bubbliness.” It is Morgan’s mission in life to spread the amazement of otaku/Japanese culture to the world and to stop bullying; she knows everyone shines brightly.

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