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Musical Rejects: A List of All The Musicals You May or May Not Have Know

Hello Geekykool, tonight I am giving everyone an article featuring the lesser known cult musicals that have been rejected by mainstream lovers, for their, let us say quirky ways.


Number 1: Shock Treatment

This is the lesser known sequel of the Rocky Horror Picture Show released in 1981. Fans of Rocky Horror will automatically recognize Richard O’Brian and Patricia Quinn reprising their roles in this over the top, tongue in cheek satire of modern American society.  This time Brad and Janet’s marriage has hit a snag in their ridiculous television lifestyle when Janet throws away her life with Brad to become a TV hit. If the movie’s plot doesn’t win you over, the music will.


Number 2: Repo! At The Genetic Opera

Love it or hate it, currently streaming on Amazon Prime Repo! At the Genetic Opera is here to stay. If the film seems all over the place to you, it takes a couple of times to watch it in order to pick up  the plot line. This is musical takes place in a post apocalyptic cyber punk world, where only those who have genetically altered themselves can live, but “Lest you be quick on making your payments.”  Warns Terrance Zdunich’s character Graveropper. Or a Repoman shall take back the organs keeping you alive. This film has placed people on the fence of either, one of the best musicals they’ve ever seen or entirely over rated.


Number 3: Twisted the Untold Story of a Royal Vizier

This Aladdin parody with a Wicked style told from Jafar’s point of view is from 2013.  This musical will make you question everything you’ve ever known about Disney’s beloved classic. Aladdin’s true nature as a two bit con artist is revealed to the audience. Funny but not exactly original in it’s manner, this show plays out like an episode of Suite Life of Zack and Cody.


Number 4: Heathers The Musical

Personally I didn’t even know this was a thing until I heard an old coworker play the music, which has little redeeming quality in my opinion. The musical takes an awesome classic, and stabs it in the heart which could be why it has received heavy criticism, it stays true to the plot of the original Heathers movie, for the most part. But in an effort to sanitize everything for a general PG audience Heathers The Musical ruined the spirit of it’s predecessor.


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