Axanar filming, day 2 in pictures & video

Axanar filming, day 2 in pictures & video

Day 2 of filming for the two 15 minute short films of Axanar has been completed, and thanks to lots of pictures and videos taken by those who are on the sets, we can see what the Saturday 10/5/19 shoot entailed. Once again i have to give MANY thanks to volunteers Reece Watkins, Trey McElwain, Steven Dixon, JP Pool and Mark Payton for sharing the goings on, as the days filming was taking place.  Also special thanks to Jonathon Lane, Writer/owner of the website for compiling all the videos from Day 2 on his site(making it easy for me to add them to this article.

Getting the USS Hercules Bridge ready for Day 2.
Mark Payton of MP Graphics sketch of the outside of the set. so much goes into the clean look on the inside, and the controlled chaos on the outside.
JP Pool from Egotastic Funtimes recording BTS extras for fans
The Helm station with the astrogator in the center.
USS Hercules ships plaque, the last name on the plaque is fan film “legend” Ltjg Erick Minard(played by Vance Major Owen).
Axanar volunteer Steven Dixon finds his name on the plaque.
Captain Travis(played by JG Hertzler) in the center seat during Red Alert. JG played Klingon General Martok in DS9.
The Hercules bridge crew as seen on the monitor as filming is taking place.
Director Paul Jenkins(the guy who saved Marvel Comics) looking at how the shots are coming together on a Laptop.
Tactical Monitor Display showing the USS Hercules and Klingon ships.

and now for the various videos from Day 2.

Many thanks to all the actors,production crew,  volunteers and behind the scenes people for working so hard on this Star Trek Fan Film. I am truly honored to be a very small part of this world.  Day 3 of shooting will take play on Sunday, October 6,2019.


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