Axanar Shoot Day 1 in Pictures

Axanar Shoot Day 1 in Pictures

USS Ares

2 years and 9 months after Axanar Productions and CBS/Paramount settled their lawsuit, today marked the start of shooting on the two 15 minute segments(which comprise parts 4 & 5).  With the cast, crew and an army of volunteers showing up at Ares Studios, everything was ready to begin filming on the USS Ares Bridge set.

Since I am unable to be there in person, I have enlisted the aid of volunteers Steven Dixon, Reece Watkins, and Trey McEwain who are taking lots of photographs and even streaming live on YouTube, documenting all the goings on for the folks that can not be there to help out. Thanks to their efforts, I can share the following images and video from day one.


JP Pool from Egotastic Funtimes(YouTube) and Trey McElwain of Axanar Comics setting up to livestream. Both have YouTube channels you should subscribe to.
Mark Edward Lewis recording audio loops for the full length audio dramatic reading of the full length script.
Area Bridge lit up for a Red Alert scene.
Keith Sodor interviews JG Hertzler.
Alec Peters as Captain Garth.
filming Red shirt during Red Alert.
Waiting to film on the bridge.
Not all the Ares crew are human.
close up of the Communications officer.
lunch time,they had food for meat eaters, vegans and vegetarians.
Scott Dixon with the Pilot of the USS Ares.
USS Ares Ships Plaque placed next to the Turbolift. If you look closely, my name is the last one, bottom right.
Ares Bridge Crew wrapping up day 1.


Day 1 livestream, on Axanars YouTube Channel.

The shoot ended around 6pm as Director Paul Jenkins and Line Producer Chris(I don’t know his last name) were so happy with the days events,that the shoot was actually ahead of schedule,and they may be able to get everything done tomorrow.

If you want to donate to this shoot or any of the upcoming shoots,you can donate at Ares Digital 3.0


Thanks to Reece Watkins, JP Pool, Trey McElwain and Steven Dixon for sharing their photos, and livestream.

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