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Mr Wilson’s Review: Love And Monsters

Mr Wilson’s Review: Love And Monsters

My Buddy, Mr J. Christopher Wilson is reviewing some movies and series.  He has agreed for us to post his reviews here.

A chemical-induced apocalypse, scarce resources, a devolving humanity, and romance: LOVE AND MONSTERS is the end-of-days film but unlike many other similar movies with very adult themes, scenes, and buckets of blood, L&M is geared for most families and most ages. I like that the movie is full of monsters, fighting, survival, and death. Yet, younger audiences can experience it. We need those films in our filmography lineup. I have GAME OF THRONES for me and LORD OF THE RINGS for me and my kids.

When Joel and his high school sweetheart, Aimee, are on a date, they see the dreaded asteroid hurtling toward Earth. The cataclysmic event split the two up. Him in one colony and her in another 80 miles away. Joel the cowardly cook leaves his colony despite his fears on a trek to Aimee’s colony. For love. The romantic journey is full of adventure and trials and we see Joel transform into his own form of hero.

LOVE AND MONSTERS is part romance and part hero’s journey and all fun.

Grade B+

Available for free on Amazon Prime

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