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Mr Wilson’s Review: A Quiet Place II

Mr Wilson’s Review: A Quiet Place II

My Buddy, Mr J. Christopher Wilson is reviewing some movies and series.  He has agreed for us to post his reviews here.

The first A QUIET PLACE stunned me, offering something very different than what we’d seen before. A QUIET PLACE II continued the intense and quiet horror but kept the uniqueness and surprises the first film gave audiences.

Like a tight rope artist, A QUIET PLACE II kept me squirming in my chair until the end. Fans of the first will surely enjoy the second. The performances, especially by the teens, was exceptionally good. I loved watching the teens develop into their own characters and take control of the narrative despite the overprotective nature of the adults. It functions like a young adult novel in that sense, giving strength and wisdom to the kids.

No sex, small amounts of blood, and barely a curse word, this horror gives us a movie that most families can easily share together assuming the kids are old enough for an intense horror. That’s a bit unique in the horror genre and it’s better for it.

Grade: A

Available for free on Amazon Prime.
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