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MindDrive- Educational Experiences For Youth- @ Plant Comicon

MindDrive- Educational Experiences For Youth- @ Plant Comicon

At Planet Comicon Kansas City, there is always several booths that are not typical.  There is a booth for Kansas City’s Union Station.  There is even one for the U.S. Navy.  An interesting booth that caught my eye and my ears was for MindDrive.

The first thing I noticed was a small electric car. Then I noticed the battle bots stations.  A young gentleman named CJ saw my interested.  He walked me through all of the different things they brought.

MindDrive is an educational program for middle school and high schoolers.  They partner with several schools in the Kansas City, MO area. The students get school credit and are bussed to their programs. The school programs include Engineering Design Studio and  Drone FPV  Racing. They also offer after school programs such as Welding Art Studio, Battlebots NRL-Robotics, Electric Vehicle Design Studio, Drone FPV Racing, and eSports.

As I was talking to CJ about these programs, you could see a twinkle in his eye.  He informed me that he was a student in this program back in the day.  Now he is a staff member.

This is a great program that is mentor based.  Check out what they say about themselves.

MINDDRIVE is a project-based experiential learning program that serves students from around the Kansas City Metro. Mentoring is a key component of our after-school programs with a student-to-mentor ratio of 2:1. We teach problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration through math, science, technology, innovation and communication, giving our students deep-level experience with real world applications. (MindDrive)

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