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Marriage Proposal At DC Cosplay Meet Up @ Planet Comicon

Marriage Proposal At DC Cosplay Meet Up @ Planet Comicon

Sometimes I think I have seen almost everything at a Convention.  This is always when I am proven wrong.  It is usually when I am least expecting it.

I found a seat to get off my feet for a little while and to write up a story.  I ended up at table near the cosplay meet up occur.  There were a ton of great cosplayers for DC Comics.  I was only half paying attention at first.  There was a story I wanted to share but little did I know, another one would present itself.

The group gathered for a group photo opportunity.  There were all sorts of people portraying their favorite characters.  After the group shot, the staff broke up the groups into smaller groups, Bat Family, Superman family, Villains, Vigilantes, and ect.  Then the convention staff ask for anyone to have different groups of friends that wanted photo shots together.

A young lady as Harley Quinn went up to pose with a gender bending male Poison Ivy.  What happened next, surprised me.  The male Poison Ivy got down on one knee and proposed.  Harley was surprised but also happily accepted. I don’t know who this couple is but congratulations to them both.  This was such a KOOL way to propose.

I wonder if they will consider getting married at Planet Comicon next year?  Only time will tell.

Stay Geeky!

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